Personalized Crystal Block

Personalized Crystal Block

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* Add a touch of elegance to your home or brighten someone’s day with the alluring charm of crystal.

* Personalize your crystal with an image of a special moment in time, family member(s), friend, or pet. There is no better product that will evoke long-term memories than crystal.

* Turn today’s events into tomorrow’s memories with the splendor of personalized crystal.

• Upload Your Own Image!

• High-Quality Optical Crystal

• Image is Etched within Crystal

• Add Your Own Engraving!

• LED Light Up Base (Optional) - Click on the "Base" dropdown above to include it.


Size: 2 3/8”(w) x 2 3/8”(h) x 2 3/8”(d)

  • When you upload your image, you will have the ability to scale and position it within the confines of the crystal’s laser area.
  • The background of your image will be removed using state-of-the-art software, making the subject the only portion of your image to be etched into the crystal.
  • Keep this in mind when scaling your image as when the background is removed, you may have more empty space than originally desired.
  • Make it even more unique and personal!  You will also be able to add one or two lines of text (top and/or bottom of the image) with multiple font options

Note: For best results, images with high contrast and good separation from the background tend to look the most dynamic.

Watch the Video Below on How to Add TEXT Engraving: